Skills Learned

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Everybody knows the benefits that come with personal fitness and relaxing every once in a while, but one thing I think that is severely underrated is the skills that people acquire in their personal fitness journey. I think that I have grown greatly as an individual by trying to stay consistent in my journey. At first, I wanted to go on a personal fitness journey in order to strengthen my body and mind, but I have learned so much more. I learn self-discipline, the value of planning, and how sometimes we have to step back in order to see what truly matter. Furthermore, one of the most important lessons that I learn is the importance of forming habits. I discovered that thinking about forming a healthy habit is not enough. I have to create a plan and include it in my daily schedule to be successful at forming that habit. I believe that as someone who is constantly trying to improve myself, my fitness journey taught me essential skills that I will need to thrive in life.

Training to failure

Normally people usually do 3 to 5 sets with 10 repetitions each set, but whenever I go to the gym and I’m working on a specific part of my body I usually train to failure. I think that going to failure helps me know my limits and helps me target where to improve. Moreover, when I’m working out and it gets to the point where I cannot perform the exercise anymore, I know that I did  my best. After I did some research, I discovered that there are three types of failure, change of tempo, change to tolerance of the activity or change of techniques. Whenever I’m doing any workout routine at the gym, and I reach either one of those failures I usually stop. The reason I often exercise to failure is because sometimes I do not think 3 sets of 10 repetitions is enough. By training to failure I make sure I always gain a lot out of my exercise. Below is one of the most useful videos I found about training to failure.

New Exercises

One thing I have been trying to do is add a new exercises to my routine. I feel like always having something new to try at the gym makes things more exciting. Whenever I’m looking for a new exercise to add to my routine, I usually use YouTube. It shows me how to complete the exercise step by step. I’m trying to include full body weight training in my exercise, but it is harder than I thought. Even though I follow every step that I saw on the YouTube videos actually lifting the weights and doing the exercise is a completely different story. I believe that after a lot of practice it will be easier for me to do these exercises and become more comfortable with the motion. The full body exercises I try to include in my routine are deadlift, barbell thrusters. By incorporating those exercises into my gym plan I believe that my routine will be more balanced.

Creating my audio commercial

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At first making an audio commercial seemed like a daunting task, especially since I’ve never used any audio software or created any podcasts. I remember reading the assignment page and thinking that the software is going to take me a while to learn, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought, it was actually quite easy.  I remember downloading the audacity software and opening it, and I was super confused about what I was supposed to do, but the tutorial on the assignment page clears all my doubts. I realize how easy the software is to learn if you take a few minutes learning its key features. Not only is it easy to learn, once I learn the basic features such as clipping, selecting and adding music, I’ve realized how extremely user friendly the software is. Some software takes me hours before I’ve even grasp the basics. After learning the basics on the audacity software I started working on my commercial. In order to make my commercial more fluid and natural, I create a script of what I wanted to say, I mainly focus on how my site is extremely useful for someone that want to start their own personal fitness journey, and how following my website could lead them to attaining a healthy body and a healthy mind that they will be grateful for. I choose a peaceful and relaxing music for my intro in order to put my audience in a state of ease to tell them about my website. Additionally, I choose a very upbeat music for my outro, I choose it to leave my audience with a sense of excitement over starting their journey to improve themselves. Furthermore, the best thing about creating this commercial is how surprisingly fun it was. I’ve never created any audio content or used any audio software. I thought it was pretty cool and interesting how I was able to manipulate my voice and the music. For some reason I always thought that audio editing skill was something that was very hard to learn, but making this commercial taught me a lot of basic things that can help me start my own audio project.

Here is the link to Healthy Body and Healthy Mind commercial

powerpuffing myself

I was pretty excited about peanutize or powerpuffing myself, but after using both sites I realized that none of them quite depict me perfectly, so I did the best I could to give a good representation of myself. The process of using the powerpuff website was pretty easy, even though the result was not what I was expecting. The only two things I think that fit my features are the skin tone and maybe my facial hair, after that everything else is far off. I chose that specific mouthpiece because all the other mouthpieces look weird with facial hair. Additionally, those eyes were the coolest one I could find but they do not quite depict my features. I think that this is one of the reasons that most people who do fanart are the ones that have a passion for art and love doing what they do. If someone is skilled at drawing or creating videos, they can create exactly what they want, although many times the fan art is based on a template, the people modifying them have the ability to add specific features that they want in their fan art. For example they could powerpuff themselves better by relying on their skills, instead of using a powerpuff template. If they wanted, they could use the powerpuff template but only as their starting point. Additionally, I believe that the title “Boundary Basher ” is somewhat accurate because I tend to take things head on in order to figure them out.

The importance of a rest day

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Going to the gym and working out is a very good way to improve one’s personal fitness, but one aspect I think that is underrated, and people often fail to mention is the importance of rest days. People are always talking about their workout routine and how healthy they eat but many times they fail to mention their rest day. Some people do not realize that they have to give their body time to heal after putting it under intense stress for hours. if they fail to take rest days their work out sessions might do more harm than good. I realized that pretty early in my fitness journey, since I did a lot of research the first few weeks I started.

Taking a day to rest every two or three days I work out really helps me stay motivated and not over-stress my body. I can work out intensely two straight days back-to-back then I know on my third day I can rest in order to give my body time to heal.

Unhealthy eating meme

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EI think that this meme perfectly describes my experience in trying to eat healthy. Every time I’m progressing in my healthy eating journey, I always have the tendency to treat myself to something nice. Most of the time I tend to buy burgers and fries, and I end up overeating, then I feel guilty about it the moment I’m done. Eating healthy is  a huge struggle for me; It requires controlling my calories intake, what I eat, and what ingredients the food contains. The problem is that I love food, if it tastes good, I do not care if it is unhealthy. Very soon in my journey I realized that I needed to change my way of thinking in order to reach my personal fitness goal. The problem is that I lacked discipline and  self-control to stop myself from eating unhealthy food. Furthermore, the fact that I surround myself with unhealthy food does not help me because If they are in my house, I will eat them. In order to fix those problems I will try to buy more fruits and vegetables to keep in my fridge. Furthermore, I usually have unhealthy snacks between breakfast and lunch, but ever since I started my journey, I’ve been buying some more healthy snacks that contain protein and fiber. I chose this meme because it is relatable to many people that are starting a healthy eating journey, posting this on my blog is a way to show them they are not the only one who are struggling in their journey.


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I’ve been going to the gym, eating healthy, and distressing for a few weeks now, and I’m already seeing improvements. Before starting this journey, I used to get extremely tired and easily distracted in the middle of the afternoon, but I’ve noticed that I don’t anymore. Instead I’m more energetic, and I can focus on something for hours without being distracted. Furthermore, I used to spend hours stressing myself on things I cannot change, but now instead of stressing I just play some video games in order to relax my mind. Not only does this allow me to clear my mind and organize my thoughts, but it also helps me realize what tasks I should prioritize. Currently eating healthy is one of the things I am struggling with, but I’ve realized that by eating food filled with nutrition and fibers, I eat less and gain more energy.

This video that shows the many effects of exercising and why I’m feeling the way I am currently.


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Hello everyone, my blog is about personal fitness and healthy living. I believe that everybody should always strive to be the best version of themselves. Since a lot of people are struggling with personal fitness, eating healthy, and going to the gym, I believe that my blog presents other people with a perfect view of how they should tackle their own personal fitness journey. By sharing this to a few friends on Instagram, TikTok or snapchat I believe that you can really help them make a difference in their life. A lot of people want to live a healthy lifestyle, but they are just not motivated enough to do it. By sharing my blog with them over those social media platforms, you could give them the opportunity to see how a total beginner is tackling such a daunting task. Not only will this give them some motivation into creating a personal fitness goal for themselves, but they will also strive to be the best version of themselves. Furthermore, since I started a few weeks ago I’m a total beginner just like them, therefore we will be able to help each other out in order to reach our personal fitness goal. By sharing this to a few people online we could create a community that nurtures fitness, healthy living, and seek constant self -improvement.

Eating Healthy

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In my personal fitness journey one of the things I have been struggling with is eating healthy, it is a lot harder than I thought. After doing a lot of research online I discovered that oats are one of the best things I can have for breakfast. After searching on YouTube for oat recipes I ended up adopting a recipe by the Downshiftology YouTube channel that showed me how to make overnight oats. The recipe contains oats, milk, yogurt, and honey. Depending on what flavor you want you can use bananas, apples or raisins. Since oats are so nutritious this usually stops me from getting hungry all morning. On different days I try to change the flavor by adding cinnamon and a little bit of vanilla extract. Breakfast is pretty easy to make, where I struggle is making healthy lunch and dinner. Since I do not know how to cook, I usually try to make something that is easy, like corn salads with avocados, tomatoes and chicken sandwiches, Avocado Egg salad sandwiches. Nevertheless, I am still a long way from perfecting my meal plan.

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